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No – for all exterior refurbishing, leave the cases fully merchandised and Venger will have your cases ready for the customer to access when the store opens for business in the AM. Only interior refurbishing of cases requires merchandise to be removed.

Venger is very proud of the odorless application it has developed through decades of case painting in grocery retail environments. Restocking crews working beside us in the evening and customers visiting the store at opening will not even be aware of our presence.

We are very proud of the longevity and durability of our painted finishes. Every customer should expect a Venger finish to last for many years and this has been proven for decades since Venger started to paint refrigeration cases in 1985. Surface prep is the key and Venger has perfected this process. Additionally, it is key to have proper bumper protection on your cases. Part of Venger’s service is a complete review and recommendations for your bumper protection system.

 Venger has decades of experience with case painting, full reskins (interior and exterior) and the combination of the 2 called Clean and Bright. It is the very unique Clean and Bright service that provides maximum value for each customer. Replace only the damaged parts on each lineup and refurbish the rest onsite. Maximum return and impact for the investment.

 Over the last decade Venger has worked in 47 states. Our installation teams are highly mobile and located geographically across the country to minimize travel costs anywhere on the continent.

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