Our Supermarket solutions

What to Expect From Our Services

A representative of ours will walk through your store with you and assess what can be re-furbished and what must be replaced.

A detailed quote is given to you with all options available for each individual lineup.

Once work to be done is decided, our work crew arrives to start at store close.

No merchandise is moved, and retail sales are undisturbed by the work.

Specially formulated paint that is incredibly durable and applied with no odor is dry to the touch hours before store opening. The full scope of installation is completed overnight.

Cases look brand new, without the high cost of replacing them.

Venger Impressions

To exceed the ever-growing expectations of the consumer and maintain a clean and modern look for your supermarket, Venger Impressions full reskin kits are an outstanding answer.

Work is completed onsite and overnight. That means there is no lost time or in-store shutdown of cases. For most applications, the food products on display do not even have to be removed (unless refinishing interiors).

Impression Kits cost less than 20% of the replacement cost of a new fixture and, once installed, are extremely durable and long-lasting. Additionally, Venger Impressions are environmentally friendly. All components are recycleable, contain low VOC’s, and meet all USGBC (US Green Building Council) healthy workplace criteria.

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We refresh Interiors too!

We can fully reskin or repaint the interior of any case to refurbish rusted, moldy or discolored parts or simply change the color. Replacement of air grills, honeycombs, racks and/or pans can also be an important part of restoring a case to a brand new look. Painting or replacing these worn parts saves you on cost

Clean & Bright

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The Venger Clean and Bright program is a greener choice than replacement. The Clean and Bright Program has no VOC paint, is LEED compliant, recyclable, safe for the environment, and also meets USGC healthy workplace criteria. Combining the best of Venger Impressions (re-skin) and No VOC’s paint program, this unique product offering can be customized to the precise needs of each lineup at your store.

Replace the parts that are damaged beyond repair, paint the parts that are salvageable, and realize the greatest return on your investment. Download our Clean & Bright brochure.

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Ask us about our Super Bumper™ !

Super Bumper™ is our proprietary bumper system. These are installed on the tank of the case. Most of the damage we see is from restocking crews using pallet jacks to move product around the store. Our Super Bumper™ increases the durability of the original manufacturer’s system. This is a great solution for your store’s high traffic areas.