We're the Venger Group.

 We provide cosmetic refurbishment for grocery store refrigeration. 

Done overnight, saving you from costs and making your store look great.

Our Services

This is Venger’s most popular solution. It reduces costs and waste from the more traditional full reskin style of case refurbishment. Our team assesses which parts can be refurbished and thus only replaces the damaged components. All other parts are repainted onsite at night. In the morning your cases are merchandising product and generating revenue.

refurbished refrigeration

Clean & Bright

This solution reduces costs and waste. Our team assesses which parts can be repainted, which will need to be re-skinned, and which need to be replaced. Your cases are new again, without replacing them entirely. Our durable paint finishes are completed first to   ensure all paint is dry to the touch for your store’s opening hours.

Venger Impressions

When the case is damaged badly and parts can’t be refurbished the solution is Venger Impressions. The lineup is reskinned either with OEM case parts or alternatively with a custom reskin kit depending on the needs of the store and desired outcome for the retailer. Venger Impressions is the ideal solution for cases that are cosmetically damaged but still run well mechanically and have years of remaining service.

We choose to be green.

Venger Clean and Bright & Impressions program are both greener choices than replacing your cases with new units.

No VOC paint

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LEED Compliant

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Meets USGC healthy workplace criteria

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Recyclable & Environmentally friendly

Our Past Work

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We are the only company offering refrigerated case painting and re-skinning as a combined service from coast to coast in North America. Your store is kept looking fresh at great value with the combination of our services.