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Our Purpose

To contribute to our customers' success by enabling them to
economically look clean, fresh and new.

Venger Group

About Venger

We are an onsite refrigeration case refurbishment leader
in innovation, quality and value.


Refrigeration Reskinning, Refrigeration Case Refurbishment, and Refrigeration Case Painting | Venger Group

We Choose To Be Green Venger Group Go Green

Venger Paint and Impression programs are both greener choices than replacement.

Venger Paint and Impressions have no VOC paint, are LEED compliant, Recyclable and Environmentally Friendly, and also meet USGC healthy workplace criteria.

View some of our before and after pictures

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  2. refrigerationAfter1-2
  1. refrigerationBefore2
  2. refrigerationAfter2-1
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